Tobacco smoking has been named one of the leading causes of lung cancer, throat cancer, and lip cancer. It is also known to be highly addictive and hard to quit. Therefore, many have looked for the best smoking alternative.

Many smokers tend to turn to vaping to reduce the risk of tobacco smoking and ease their process of getting over their smoking habit. A significant concern is whether or not vaping is a good alternative to tobacco smoking.

Vaping is done using an electronic cigarette, a battery-operated gadget that produces a vaporized solution containing nicotine for you to inhale. These cigarettes aim to give you the sensation of smoking tobacco without the smoke.

Electronic cigarettes come in different shapes like pens and USB devices. You can also have yours customised to your preferred shape. They are made of different parts;

Mouthpiece- Also called the tip, the mouthpiece is a cartilage found at the end of the cigarette tube where you place your mouth. They come in different styles, shapes, and sizes depending on the type of your cigarette.

Solution-Commonly referred to as the e-juice or the e-liquid, the solution mainly consists of nicotine, flavoring, and a base, primarily propylene glycol.

Tank- It is found near the mouthpiece, and that is where the e-juice is stored before it is heated. In disposable vaping devices, the tank is called the cartilage. Many tanks are transparent to notify you when to refill your solution.

Atomiser- It heats up the e-liquid into vapor through a coil in the atomiser, usually in contact with the solution. The vapor then escapes through the mouthpiece, where you inhale it.

Battery-All vaping devices have batteries that power them, either disposable or ones that can be charged. Ensure that you do not overcharge your battery or leave it to run out completely.

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used rechargeable batteries. Some devices use two or more batteries, which improve the device’s power capabilities, enhancing your vaping experience.

Sensor- This activates the heater when you use your device.
Most e-cigarette manufacturers market them as a way to help tobacco addicts reduce their tobacco intake or cut it off completely. That is because they heat the nicotine, which you inhale as vapor rather than smoke.
Advantages of Vaping

Health Benefits

Many people love to say that vaping is far less harmful to your health than smoking, but how true is that. Research showed that regular tobacco has 7,000 chemicals, most of which are toxic.

While there is not an exact number of the chemicals that vaping devices have, researchers have said they are considerably low.

Vaping as a smoking alternative has also been proven to reduce many of the health risks posed by traditional tobacco smoking, including lip and throat cancer caused by the heat from a burning cigarette.

It also eliminates some of the side effects of smoking like dizziness, high risk of brain damage and stroke, stomach ulcers, nausea, and bad breath.

Also, since it provides you the feeling of smoking, it is an excellent way to gradually quit smoking because you can control how much nicotine you want. Some cartilages range from no-nicotine to high-strength nicotine solution.

If you just started your journey to a non-smoking life, you can start with the high level and gradually transition to a nicotine-free solution. Also, since vaping delivers the nicotine in the form of vapor, it does less harm to your lungs than directly inhaling smoke, which blackens the lungs and teeth.

The absence of smoke and tar also improves your lung capacity by reducing its congestion. It also reverses the decreased natural defence mechanism and aging effect on your lungs caused by the smoke. Also, vaping improves your circulation, oral hygiene, and skin health.

smoking alternative


You can vape anywhere, even around your friends, without bothering them with that cigarette smell. It also reduces the risk of you burning yourself, your clothes, or your car seat.

No cigarette smoke
If you hate the smell of smoke in your house or on your clothes after you smoke, vaping is the best alternative for you. The vaporised solution has sweet flavours and scents, which you can change depending on what you love.


You can use one type of vaping equipment for a long time without replacing it. The only part of the vaping equipment that is often replaced is the solution, and even that lasts longer than a packet of cigarettes would.

Looks Good

Vaping equipment is designed not only to give a good feeling but to look good too. Some designs look like high-end technological devices, while others look like beautiful decorative pieces.
Vaping Disadvantages

Health Problems

All the health-related benefits of vaping do not rule it out as not harmful to the health because lately, with the increased popularity of vaping, there have been many lung injuries, asthma, and deaths in association with vaping.

The CDE (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), for example, said that there were 60 confirmed deaths in patients using vaping devices as of 21st January 2020.

Michael Blaha, the clinical research director at Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for Prevention of Heart Disease, said that majority of those deaths were of people who used modified black market e-liquids mainly containing THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Nicotine, the primary substance in traditional cigarettes and vaping devices, spikes your adrenaline levels and increases blood pressure. That increases the heart rate and the possibility of suffering a heart attack.

Vitamin E acetate is one of the toxic chemicals the CDC identified in the THC vaping products. The chemical is a thickening property used in the THC vaping products, and it was present in all lung fluid samples from patients using vaping devices that the CDC examined.

Other harmful chemicals are found in vaping products like cancer-causing chemicals, diacetyl, which is linked to significant lung injuries, heavy metals like tin, nickel, and lead, plus volatile organic compounds.


Many people use vaping smoking alternative because they think it is less addictive. Nicotine, the primary component in many vaping devices, is highly addictive and may harm the users’ brain development.

It also makes you crave smoking, which, if ignored, may lead to withdrawal symptoms. Michael Blaha says that there is even a higher chance that you get more nicotine from a vaping device than from a traditional cigarette.

That is because you can purchase extra-strength cartilages that have higher concentrations of nicotine or increase your vaping device’s voltage to deliver a stronger hit of the nicotine.

While vaping has many advantages that prove it an excellent smoking alternative, be careful from which vape shop you get your vaping equipment. Also, ensure that you use the products responsibly.

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