Refillable Pods for BO Micro


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Lightweight, 1.6ml capacity refillable pod for BO Micro devices.

It couldn’t be simpler: simply pop out your pod, refill with your favourite e-liquid and vape! The most convenient, cost-effective pod system around.

×2 Refillable PODS per pack.

Refillable Pods are not compatible with BO One or BO Plus products

Out of stock


Miniature size. Maximum power.

The BO MICRO represents the very zenith of the scaled-down open-system ecigarette: a marriage of clean, refined and elegant lines; innovative refillable pods, rapid charging capability, 3-day battery life and bespoke-blended e-liquids, Bo Micro is available in a choice of three stylish aluminium finishes (matte black, metallic grey or metallic pink). Go Micro.

Mini Size: 106 × 24 × 11mm
Refillable Pods: free to vape the BO Eliquid of your choice
Long lasting battery: 400 puffs
3 coatings available: Matte Black, Metallic Pink & Metallic Grey

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